Monday Morning Inspiration: Wanderlust

The Monday Morning Inspiration series is your weekly reminder, as you sit down and boot up your work laptop, that there is more to life than four little cubicle walls. It is also meant to provoke you to think about your life and your dreams. To encourage you to find the strength to pursue what you dream of, even if those dreams terrify you. You will never regret pursuing your dreams, so start today!

Not all those who wander are lost.

J.R.R Tolkien, one of the greatest writers of the 20th century, knew that there was a spirit of adventure in all of us.  His characters were drawn away from their safe homes in order to see and experience all that existed in the world.  The journey for his characters was never an easy one, but there was always the underlying belief that reaching for greatness, attempting that which could not be done, would always be more rewarding than staying safe at home.  Home will lead to a known outcome, whereas adventure is open to infinite possibilities.

That is what travel can be at it’s best.  It is an adventure where you do not know what will come next.  It is a horizon with infinite possibilities.  Those possibilities carry with it the good and the bad, which is what intimidates some people.  Regardless, there is always a new challenge that will teach, influence, and open up our minds.  Facing those challenges you will learn new skills, understand new cultures, become a better problem solver, all while seeing and doing things that others only dream of.

Do you wander with a purpose?  I am searching for truth, beauty, inspiration, and wonder in this vast and amazing planet.  I am breaking away from convention to have the adventure of a lifetime with the woman of my dreams.  I am paving a path and using my experiences to influence and inspire others to pursue their dreams, live a bold life, and cherish every moment of this wonderful life.  Why do you wander; or why do you want to wander?


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